• Real name : Kim Tae-hyung (κΉ€νƒœν˜•)
  • Birthday : December 30, 1995
  • Position : Vocal
  • Height : 178cm
  • Weight : 62cm
  • Blood Type : AB

V has very mysterious character and he always acts what nobody thinks, so he is called "Fourth Dimensions Boy" but he has no idea why he is called like that. Also, he is called "CGV" because his face is so beautiful and everyone cannot believe he is in real world.

When he was sixth grade of elementary school, he was impressed by Danny John's performance, and he started to learn saxophone for three years. Then, he was interested in dance and went to a local dance school for a half year. After that, he entered the Big Hit Entertainment through audition.

V says that he was lonely at first because he was a private trainee, so he could not appear on MV etc. with other members before debut. Despite being unable to publicize, he tried to shoot a movie the same way as other members, sometimes he was standing next to a trash box while other members were recording. When he got a fan letter for the first time, he read it over and over again and proudly went to members to show.

In 2017, V ranked No.1 among the 100 most handsome face in the world.