• Real name : Jeong Ho-seok (정호석)
  • Birthday : February 18, 1994
  • Position : Main Dancer & Rapper
  • Height : 177cm
  • Weight : 65cm
  • Blood Type : A

SUGA is said that he has the biggest gap between the front of camera and members in BTS.

He was inspired by Korean reggae Hip-Hop group STONY SKUNK and Epic High. Like RM, SUGA was active in the underground before his debut, and he used the name Gloss at that time. After that, he entered Big Hit Entertainment through the audition.

His stage name SUGA is named as his skin is so white and he is cute when he laugh. From PD, SUGA is called "Young Grandpa", Genuius Artist etc. Both the self and others admit that SUGA is like "Grandpa" character, and he is always called Grandpa from his fans.

When he was a student, he was very good at basketball. SUGA was a member of basketball club, and he was in charge of point guards and shooting guards. Since he was a great player, he was scouted from the basketball club of college students.

In 2016, SUGA released his first mixtape "Agust D". It was elected as FuseTV's Best Mix Tape of 2016.