• Real name : Kim Nam-joon (김남준)
  • Birthday : September 12, 1994
  • Position : Leader & Main Rapper
  • Height : 181cm
  • Weight : 67cm
  • Blood Type : A

When he was in the sixth grade of elementary school, he was interested in Hip-Hop. RM repeatedly listened to thousands of times and said that someday he wants to collaborate with Tablo of Epic High and this is his dream.

Before debut, RM was active in the underground. He was a member of the Hip-Hop team "Daigo south hip-hop cooperative" and was active under the name of RunchRanda. When he was 15, he also collaborated with Ziko, now the member of Block B, and he made a mix tape called "Fuck Cockroacher".

Big Hit's composer Pdogg met RM through Sleepy of Hip-Hop Duo Untouchable and introduced to Pan PD. RM was the first member to enter the Big Hit Entertainment.

He got TOEIC 900 points by himself, and his IQ was 148 when he was a high school student. In the simulation test of the University Scholastic Ability Test, he entered the top 1%. RM is a real genius person.