• Real name : Park Ji-min (박지민)
  • Birthday : October 13, 1995
  • Position : Main Dancer & Lead Vocal
  • Height : 173cm
  • Weight : 61cm
  • Blood Type : A

JIMIN started to learn dance when he was a junior high school student, and he aspired to be a singer by seeing the stage of Pi (RAIN). After he fraduated from Busan Art High School Dance Department as the principal enrollment, his teacher suggested to go to audition of Big Hit Entertainment and he passed. In 2012, JIMIN transfered to Seoul High School where V goes. JIMIN was the lastb member who entered Big Hit and his debut was decided at the very end.

He was called "Practice Insect" by his serious personality with a hard work. According to other members, JIMIN slept for about three hours until his debut was comfirmed. Moreover, before the debut, food restrictions and convenience store ban instructions were issued from the office, but JIMIN never broke those rules though other members broke.

Performance of turning over the clothes of "NO MORE DREAM" was scheduled to be performed by all the members at the beginning, but as the member felt it stress, JIMIN was only one who always did.