• Real name : Jeon Jung-kook (전정국)
  • Birthday : September 1, 1997
  • Position : Main Vocal & Lead Dancer
  • Height : 178cm
  • Weight : 66kg
  • Blood Type : A

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS. He is very talented and good at everything such as singing, dancing, rapping, excercising, drawing, playing games etc So he is called "Golden Maknae". Maknae means Youngest in Korean.

When he was an elementary student, he was influenced by G-DRAGON, a member of BIGBANG, and he aimed to be a singer. In 2011, JUNGKOOK dropped out in the preliminary round from Mnet's audition program "Super Star K" of season 3. However, he offered several big entertainment offices after the audition. When he went to office visit, he saw and was attracted by RM, who is now leader of BTS, and JUNGKOOK decided to enter Big Hit Entertainment.

Before he debuted, cheaf producer said to Jungkook "I cannot feel anythung from your dance, and there is no emotion". Cheaf producer told JUNGKOOK to go to LA with choreographer and take lessons. By this study abroad, JUNGKOOK woke up to the dance and tried to advance the way of a dancer, not a singer, but JIMIN persuaded.

JUNGKOOK graduated high school in 2017 because of study abroad.

At the beginning, JUNGKOOK was super shy boy. Even his member asked him to sing a song, he almost cried and he took 30 minutes for singing. But now, he became open and he can also make fun of members.