• Real name : Jeong Ho-seok (정호석)
  • Birthday : February 18, 1994
  • Position : Main Dancer & Rapper
  • Height : 177cm
  • Weight : 65cm
  • Blood Type : A

The stage name "J-HOPE" is named by meaning to be a hopeful existence. J is taken from his real name Jeong

J-HOPE loves music since he was young, and he started to dance and learn to express himself with his body. When he was a elementary school student, he showed off the stage at a certain event and decided to become an artist as the audience's reaction was good.

Before debut, J-HOPE was a member of the local hip-hop dance team. He won the underdance battle tournament and went to the performances, and he was a famous dancer in the local. When V was studying as Korean Art High School adn he told his friends about debut, a friend of V asked him "Is J-HOPE from Gwangju's dance institute?".

Within the group, J-HOPE, JIMIN, and JUNGKOOK perform the main axis of dance. J-HOPE is called "Choreographer Team Lead and "Dance Captain" and he is a leader of BTS's Cull Dance. Since J-HOPE is trusted from choreographer, he leads the practice when choreographer is not there.